Saturday, September 20, 2008

What a day, what a day...

Actually it started yesterday, J didn't feel well enough to go to school so I stayed home with him in case the pain got worse. I called into a meeting on a conference line - what fun. It's hard enough to pay attention sitting in the meeting can you imagine sitting at my home computer listening on the phone? LOL - I was surfing the web most of the time.

J finally woke up around 11 feeling much better and looking better too. Isn't it funny how you don't notice how bad they look until they feel better? I finally got off the conf call at 12:30 and "left" work for the day. I mowed and ran some errands. Then J thought he had soccer practice at 7 but no one showed up. It was Thursday night.

Both of us stayed up until midnight. I was making Halloween ATCs for a swap and he was on the computer chatting with his friends. I started watching "The Right Stuff" and that's why I wound up staying up so late. I kept thinking it would go off in the next 1/2 hour - WRONG - lol.

This morning I sat up with a jolt (around 9:30) when I remember I needed to cut some party invitations for a friend. And with me and my cutter still on the outs, I knew it would take some time. J finally got up at 11.

His soccer match was at 2:00. We are still attending even though he can't play yet. We left late for it because I started watching Apollo 13 and J thought they were about to land - lol. Finally gave up on it too. (I rented both the movies this evening and plan to watch them tomorrow.) Got to the match to find out it was rescheduled and our team had not been notified. They were already playing. They started as soon as our team had enough players to play. We won 4-3 :-).

Ran home and took J to swim, still working on the invites. Home again for him to shower and get ready to go to the YMCA - still working on invites. I finally finish the invites and get J to the Y and deliver the invites. Run some errands (pick up the movies) and head home. Not home 15 min when R gets a call from his Aunt to tell him his Mom has fallen and is on her way to hospital. His sister is just 30 minutes away but has plans????? We are an hour away???? He was not happy but he got in the car and went.

I head to grocery store and text J when I get there to take his antibiotic. And he texts back that the event he thought was an overnight ends at 10:30 tonight -lol. I tell him to text me when he's ready for me to pick him up. There goes my evening plans of creating and cutting and my afternoon plans for tomorrow of the same thing. Now I'll have to share the computer - lol.

Like I said ... What a day, what a day :-).

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