Thursday, September 18, 2008

Is it only Thursday????

This has been a LONNNNNG week. I'm so used to having Wednesdays off that when I don't, it makes the week seem long to me. Wednesdays are my busy weekday - although lately every weekday seems busy carting my son everywhere!

Tuesday night J decided he wanted to go to the doctor for his sinus infection. We put it off too long because of other obligations and it finally whipped him. He's on an antibiotic now, but he felt so bad Wednesday that he didn't go to school. Day 1 of only 8 he is allowed to miss.

He felt better by the time I got home just a little tired. He went to PT and I told the therapist what was going on so he didn't make him ride the stationary bike as long or as hard. Then it was supper at church. Both his good friends from church weren't there so I brought him home and went back to teach Mission Friends.

I have the 2yr olds. They are so cute! EXCEPT we have one boy that is not in pre-school and he has no clue how to sit still and be quiet - lol. And he gets a little girl involved in his antics so we are always calling them down - lol. And it's not like we make them sit still and listen the whole hour. We pace what we're doing and make sure they are busy and moving around.

Last night J complained his right side was hurting so I gave him Tylenol. This morning he didn't say anything. 10:15 got a call from the school nurse. He was in there with it hurting. She checked his appendix and suggested I take him to the doctor. It was an hour before I could get to school to pick him up so he is only missed his last class. Now that we're home he says it is still bothering him but he's not having the sharp pain he was having during his 2nd class. We have a doctor appt at 3:00. That was the earliest they could take me. We're still going so he will know what is wrong and won't continue to worry that it's his appendix. He is such a worry wart :-).

So that's my last 2 exciting days. Not only did I leave my all day meeting early Wed but also today - sigh. And I was finally interested in what was going on this morning - sigh. Hopefully I'll get to go tomorrow for the follow- up meeting. Will probably get more out of it ;-).

Catch ya later!

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joybear said...

hope he feels better soon!