Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fall fever...

So I go to Lowe's looking for a dehumidifier and look what I come how with instead (the dehumidifier was too expensive).

Yep - everything in the picture except the flag holder - lol. The flag was in a package of 4 for $20. Couldn't beat that since individually they were 8.48. The yellow mums on the left were in 2 in pots for 25 cents!!! They had broken limbs or dead blooms. What a steal! I just repotted them. Everything else was full price. I splurged on the flower with the black centers on the right. They remind of black eyed susans but they aren't. The pots of flowers with buds will be a deep orange when they bloom.

Oh that's not all I got. I also bought some small pots to repot my african violets and two trays to sit them in. Also got a thermometer to put in my sunroom so I'll know how hot it is in there. Oh and some cool lights to put in my ceramic jack o'lanterns :-).

Yes - going to a home and garden store is just as bad for me as going into a scrapbook store - lol.
Here are 3 more of the 25 cent mums after repotting. My wooden scarecrow usually is where the other arrangement is so I decided to stick him in this pot for now.

And here is the first leaf I've found in our yard - lol. Many more to come.

Oh - almost forgot.... Not appendicitis or kidney stones. think it may be viral. Did say it could be appendix and we'd know very quickly if it is - lol. J still is worried about that but I'm not. I think it's just viral.

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Valerie said...

Poor J, I think it's better to get a definitive diagnosis than to wonder why it hurts if 'nothing is wrong'.

Love your fall display, I really need to do something fall-ish here too...