Monday, September 8, 2008

Full Weekend

We had such a full weekend I wasn't able to post here. Saturday my son had school for half a day to make up a day missed because of flooding. Dad got him up and ready for the carpool so I got to sleep in :-). Once I did get up I got things together to take to a friend's house to make them dinner. She had knee surgery earlier in the week. I visited with her until it was time for school pick up. Then is was lunch and time to get ready to go here.

Wake Forest University's first home game! Hubby graduated from there and we have attended home games since we were engaged. Son is already brainwashed into wanting to attend college here - lol. Hope he can make the grades to do it.

They always do something special at the first home game and this year they had WWII sky writers do a fly over. My son got a video of it on my camera and if I can figure out how to post it I will. This is a picture of their approach to the stadium.

And this is a picture of some of their writing before the game. (Look at the top of the pole and to the left.) We saw them as we were driving in but didn't know why they were there. An Airshow was also in town so throughout the game vintage aircraft were flying over the stadium. It was really cool!

Here's a better close up of the skywriting. The planes flew side by side in a line and each plane "puffed out" one "dot" of smoke to make the letter.

The band got new uniforms this year. All black and I know they were hot Saturday. It was in the low ninetys but there was also a great breeze. We noticed the new uniforms right away and that the band was larger. They announced it had grown by 40% this year. They played a number by James Brown and even had a member singing but didn't have him hooked up to the stadium sound system. We were only able to hear bits and pieces of his singing but what we heard was good.

Figured out the video thing. I posted one of "Open the Gate" at the beginning of the game. It takes way too long to upload these suckers so I'll wait for my son to get home to do the planes - lol.