Monday, September 1, 2008

Nearly a year

I can't beleive it's been almost a year since my last post. Well, actually I can. I never got into blogging much but I think I'm going to try again. I need something else to entertain myself with - lol. Happy Labor Day to everyone. I cleaned out my Iris beds this morning and found an old friend I'd been missing this summer. Our turtle! He comes every summer and travels between our back yard and our neighbors. I saw him in the spring or early summer and had not seen him since. I kept throwing tomatoes in the back for him but would find them untouched. Well, when I started pulling weeds and wild strawberries out of my iris bed I noticed something moving and my heart skipped a beat because first thing I thought was SNAKE! Then I saw his shell, he was "running" as fast as he could - lol. I'd never seen him totally out of his shell before so I ran for my camera, which I could not find so I grabbed an old one. I got a few shots of his attempt to escape and climbing the wall. Well, I managed to upload them in the wrong order - lol. I finally gave him a boost to get him on the wall, then I picked him up and carried him to our creek bed in the back. I also picked him a half ripe tomato since I pulled up his cafeteria - lol. I left him with his lunch to eat in peace - after a few pictures. Buddy - our dog - started acting funny later so I knew Mr. T was on the move again. I found him and checked out the tomato and he never was able to pierce the skin. So I poked a hole in it for him and sat it back in front of him. He finally came out and started to eat. Have some pictures of that on my phone. I'll post those later because it is charging at the moment.

Mr. T making his escape

Mr. T when I first found him.

Mr. T on the run.

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joybear said...

good to see you blogging!!! Love the pictures..can't wait to see him eating!