Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Day 2 of blogging

Decided to come here first so I wouldn't forget or put it off :-). Just got back from my annual "squeeze". We have a new imaging center dedicated to this now. It's all digital. It's really cool. I got to see all the scans. The technican told me they can see so much more now that it's digital. I've been called back the last couple of years because I have a fibroid (sp) tumor in one so maybe this year they won't call me back. And I actually think the squeeze wasn't as bad this year. Wonder it the digital means they don't have to close the vise as tight? :-).

Here's a pin they gave me. Guess I'll stick it in my cork board I have hanging in my scraproom.

If you haven't scheduled yours yet - GET ER DONE!!!!

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finlou56 said...

Got my call today for mine on Wednesday :) Hope we have digital in Augusta!