Friday, September 26, 2008

Finally Friday!!!

this has been a long week for me. Being sick is part of it I'm sure.

Well, it's finally official... I'm on another Creative Team... you can see the announcement here. I've very excited! I was first drawn to PaperThreads by Chris' files. Her style matches mine very well. In fact, that is what she said when she asked me to join her team. That makes 3 CTs I'm on now :-) and I love being on all of them. The other two are IScrapDesigns and Sam and Hailey Designs. If you have a electronic cutter, check out these ladies designs! (Chris already creates files for the Cricut.)

Today was school picture day. I only found out because I saw it on the school sign. J never got a packet about it. On the way to school today, his friend has one when we picked him up. Said he got it in 3rd period. So I quickly borrowed it and wrote a check for the smallest package. J of course, was a little unsure... "I don't know how to fill out the form." I told him it wasn't hard. "I don't know where to get one." His friend then said, "ask your 1st period teacher." - lol. I also told him he could just take the check to the photographer. Hopefully it will get done. I always buy his school pictures because I like to have them even if they are bad - lol. Remember all the bad school pictures taken of you? snicker - I love looking back at mine.

We're getting rain and wind from the "unnamed" tropical storm that hit the coast of NC. I hate to say it but I hope soccer pictures (8:30) and match (9:00) is cancelled for tomorrow morning and that they are cancelled tonight - lol. I'd like to sleep in tomorrow.

On the other hand, R is riding in the MS bike ride and he has to leave the house at 5am. So glad he is independent and I don't have to get up with him. I think they actually start riding at 7. It's supposed to still be raining then - yuck! I guess they will eventually dry off.

OH - on a good note... J sees the Sports Med doctor again this afternoon. We're hoping for an "all clear" on his knee so he can start playing soccer! The PT is very pleased with his progress.

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