Friday, September 12, 2008

Plateletpheresis pictures

The friendly receptionist that checks everyone in.

The receptionist took this pic. She's not as good at it as Raven :-). Before donating your nurse checks your temperature, blood pressure and iron count, then you answer a list of questions. The same ones you answer when donating whole blood.

Vicky is on the left - she was my main nurse. Raven is on the right and she became my great photographer. Stop looking now if you get quesy over needles... you've been warned!

Vicky inserts the return needle in the back of my hand.

Now time to sterilize my arm for the outtake needle.

Now the stick - which missed the vein - arhhh.
I thought Raven got more pictures of Eva fixing it but I guess not.

Oh - maybe this is while Eva was working on it. I wasn't as happy as I look - lol.

This is after they removed the needle from the back of my hand and put it in my arm. Taping me up to hold it in place.

My left arm is pumping now and feeling very sore.

My right arm is receiving my Red Blood cells back after the platelets were removed.

You get very cold while this is going on so they cover you with warmed up blankets. They feel SO GOOD :-).

All done and bandaged up in PINK - my favorite color. See the ice pack on my hand? First time I've ever needed one.

the finished product - 2 doses of platelets.

Some of the nurses at their set up station. Eva is standing and Marcia is sitting in front of the island. See the TVs above it?


joybear said...

Yikes, I was warned but looked anyway....

Valerie said...

Bahahaha Sandra you're my hero, not only are you donating platelets but your PHOTOGRAPHED it!!! You rock :)