Thursday, September 4, 2008

Day 4...

I almost forgot today that's why I'm late. Want to try and do this each morning before my day gets away.

Nothing new here. Leaving work early to pick my son up from school because his ride has a teacher's meeting right after school. Gives me a good excuse to leave early :-).

Called my Mom this morning to check and see if they are making plan for Hanna's visit. She gave me the "lived here a long time" lackadaisical attitude - lol. "It's not hitting us. We're on the southern side of it right? Then we don't need to do anything. I'll wait until it gets closer." I just said "Fine, mom, but you are going to get some high winds. Where are your outside plants?" If she calls me afterwards whining about something that happened I'm going to have no sympathy - lol. I'm 200 miles inland and will get less wind than she and still plan to make sure "blowable" items are put away.

I finished up 2 more ATCs last night :-). Got 2 more started. It's so fun to have small projects to work on :-).

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