Monday, September 29, 2008

Day 7 of my cold

and I'm starting to feel better. I actually went to sleep in my bed last night instead of the recliner :-). Saturday night I slept in the recliner all night, never woke up. I was surprised the next morning - lol.

Oh we were so disappointed with Wake's game Saturday. Those Midshipmen just out played us. They deserved to win the game. Hope we get our act together before we play Clemson next week.

We had fun though. We tailgated after the game which upset J at first. "You're supposed to tailgate before the game!" I have no clue where he gets all his ideas. We had plenty of company after the game too. He and C tossed a football around before the game and afterwards. I had no trouble getting to our parking lot or leaving and getting back to the highway we needed to be on. That was a relief.

R had a good weekend too. The rain didn't last too long for them as they rode towards Greenville. He was irritable when he got home though???? I really believe there is a version of male PMS too. I know one problem is he has a mental list of what he expects me and J to do when he's not home, but he usually doesn't share it and never seems to realize I have my own list - lol. Anyway, he gets upset when he gets home and "his list" isn't completed. You'd think he'd learned by now after 23 years of marriage that I march to my own tune - lol.

Want to share some pictures of J with you - lol. He cracks me up taking pictures of himself. I really like the closeup of his face. Wish it was more focused but it will do. I think I actually took that one after he asked me to take some pictures. He didn't like the ones I was taking so he took the next one himself. BUT I think I have 30 or more of him on the camera as he tried to get one he liked - LOL.

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joybear said...

Love the pictures of J! Glad you had fun even if they didn't win and also glad you are feeling better!