Monday, September 15, 2008

Another busy weekend!

Plus I didn't feel good so it's all a blur now - lol. Friday I was off and did platelet donation - check out my posts about that ;-). Then I played with my Wishblade because it still doesn't want to cut right. I received a suggestion over the weekend that I need to check out. I hope it works. Then
J had his followup with the Sport's Med doctor for his knee. It's doing well. He has to go to 2 weeks of PT and the first one is today. After it is over, I'm supposed to take him to swim but we'll see how he's feeling first- lol.

Saturday was our first soccer game. J still can't play but we attended for him to be with the team. They won 3-0. Beat J's best friend's (from church) team. He's having trouble with this friend. Friend doesn't seem to know how to have a girlfriend and a best friend at the same time - sigh. So he ignores J completely which then makes J mad. So J decided not to talk to him yesterday at church. We'll see how long this lasts.

Sunday we went to church and I kept the babies during worship. Since I still wasn't feeling well (nothing contagious), we didn't stay for the youth luncheon. We got plates to go. was having it's 5th annual PJ Party so I joined in around 1:30 or 2:00 and stayed until 7:30. It was lots of fun. We were all making ATCs and trading them. I had cut a bunch of WB files earlier so got to use them on my ATCs. We were in a Chat Room and those of us with Webcam were able to see and talk to each other. Several without were still able to hear us but had to type to talk to us.

Today I've cleaned house, posted my ATCs I traded, stopped by the doctor's office to fill out paper work for J's PT and started dinner :). I'm on a roll..... After I finish here I'm heading to to catch up there since I never did yesterday **eekkk**. also need to post pictures of the ATCs I made yesterday :).

Oh forgot to mention... My right hand & forearm did bruise but my left arm didn't - go figur'?

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