Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's my Friday!

Yep that's right. I'm off tomorrow :). I think I figured out why my blog is a pain at work. It's the YouTube link I have on it. It eventually came up and let me log on. I was just too impatient last time.

I had a busy day yesterday (that's why I never got around to bloggin). Wound up leaving work early to pick up J. He stayed after school to help clean the Stadium. It's a fund raiser for the differnt sports teams. the wrestling team was doing it yesterday. He was the only freshman and they teased him but he enjoyed it - lol. They called him an "obedient freshman" because he was doing the cleaning for them - lol. He wants to try wrestling again but I'm not sure....

then from there it was home to change into his swim suit and get a snack and off to the pool for his swim team training. I think I mentioned this earlier. Well, it didn't go so well yesterday. Apparently our friend has forgotten that J is just trying this out to see if he likes it and was giving J a major hard time. The friend is a retired swim team coach. Anyhoooo, hoping I can talk J into doing it for 3 or 4 more weeks. I need to "coach" him on how to talk to friend about what J is wanting out of this. and to remind our friend that he has not comitted to being on the swim team.

Then it was home and change clothes to go to church for supper. After we ate brought J back home for homework and heating pad on his back. (That's why swim didn't go well, his back tightened up and started hurting.) and back to church for me. I got home around 8:15 and was TIRED - lol.

Tonight shouldn't be as bad. J has Leaders Club at the YMCA a 7:00 and I can drop him off and have an hour before going back to pick him up. I think I may go walk. I've walked 2 days in a row now and it feels great! BUT oh I want to stay home and create something :). Maybe I'll have time tomorrow during my busy day off.... but I'll tell you about that tomorrow...

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