Monday, September 29, 2008

Day 7 of my cold

and I'm starting to feel better. I actually went to sleep in my bed last night instead of the recliner :-). Saturday night I slept in the recliner all night, never woke up. I was surprised the next morning - lol.

Oh we were so disappointed with Wake's game Saturday. Those Midshipmen just out played us. They deserved to win the game. Hope we get our act together before we play Clemson next week.

We had fun though. We tailgated after the game which upset J at first. "You're supposed to tailgate before the game!" I have no clue where he gets all his ideas. We had plenty of company after the game too. He and C tossed a football around before the game and afterwards. I had no trouble getting to our parking lot or leaving and getting back to the highway we needed to be on. That was a relief.

R had a good weekend too. The rain didn't last too long for them as they rode towards Greenville. He was irritable when he got home though???? I really believe there is a version of male PMS too. I know one problem is he has a mental list of what he expects me and J to do when he's not home, but he usually doesn't share it and never seems to realize I have my own list - lol. Anyway, he gets upset when he gets home and "his list" isn't completed. You'd think he'd learned by now after 23 years of marriage that I march to my own tune - lol.

Want to share some pictures of J with you - lol. He cracks me up taking pictures of himself. I really like the closeup of his face. Wish it was more focused but it will do. I think I actually took that one after he asked me to take some pictures. He didn't like the ones I was taking so he took the next one himself. BUT I think I have 30 or more of him on the camera as he tried to get one he liked - LOL.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rainy Saturday

Morning... yes, it's raining here. I need to check our rain gauge to see how much we've gotten since Thursday night. It's a nice steady rain so it's soaking in good.

R set off early this morning for the MS bike ride to Greenville, SC. They used to ride to the beach but changed their route a couple of years ago. I'm sure they are all soaked by now. I need to check the weather for the route and see if they will ever get out of the rain.

J is still in bed :-). I'm sure he was up late last night. He usually is on Fridays ... chatting with friends on AIM and mySpace. As for me, I climbed in a recliner at 5 PM yesterday and got up at 8:35 and went to bed. I woke up at 6 this morning and started calling the weather line for soccer to see if the matches were canceled. They kept updating it saying they would make a decision later - lol. So, I'd hit my snooze button and go back to sleep for awhile. Finally at 7:00 they called them off. I finally got up around 8:30 ... only because I rememberd I need to take Buddy out. so after 16 hours sleep you'd think I'd feel wonderful??? Well, I do feel better than I did yesterday but still tired. I'm sure the coughing isn't helping.

OH - J's doctor's appt went well yesterday but he still has another week before he can go back to full exercise. He has to start walking fast for a few days, then jog some, then jog for some distance then he's released for full exercise. He was disappointed but I'm glad we're taking it easy. That will make a full 6 weeks since his knee injury and that is what the doctor is aiming for. He has 2 more PT appts next week because the script allowed them.

I still don't feel very creative right now. I'm sure it's my cold. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have some time to try something.

I need to check the weather for here. Last update I heard was the rain stopping around mid-day. I'm still hoping for that since we'll leave for the WFU football game around that time. It's warmer today so we'll go even if it's still raining. Ponchos work great in this kind of rain :-).

Time to go catch up on my two favorite web sites :-) ... A Charming Place and PaperThreads.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Finally Friday!!!

this has been a long week for me. Being sick is part of it I'm sure.

Well, it's finally official... I'm on another Creative Team... you can see the announcement here. I've very excited! I was first drawn to PaperThreads by Chris' files. Her style matches mine very well. In fact, that is what she said when she asked me to join her team. That makes 3 CTs I'm on now :-) and I love being on all of them. The other two are IScrapDesigns and Sam and Hailey Designs. If you have a electronic cutter, check out these ladies designs! (Chris already creates files for the Cricut.)

Today was school picture day. I only found out because I saw it on the school sign. J never got a packet about it. On the way to school today, his friend has one when we picked him up. Said he got it in 3rd period. So I quickly borrowed it and wrote a check for the smallest package. J of course, was a little unsure... "I don't know how to fill out the form." I told him it wasn't hard. "I don't know where to get one." His friend then said, "ask your 1st period teacher." - lol. I also told him he could just take the check to the photographer. Hopefully it will get done. I always buy his school pictures because I like to have them even if they are bad - lol. Remember all the bad school pictures taken of you? snicker - I love looking back at mine.

We're getting rain and wind from the "unnamed" tropical storm that hit the coast of NC. I hate to say it but I hope soccer pictures (8:30) and match (9:00) is cancelled for tomorrow morning and that they are cancelled tonight - lol. I'd like to sleep in tomorrow.

On the other hand, R is riding in the MS bike ride and he has to leave the house at 5am. So glad he is independent and I don't have to get up with him. I think they actually start riding at 7. It's supposed to still be raining then - yuck! I guess they will eventually dry off.

OH - on a good note... J sees the Sports Med doctor again this afternoon. We're hoping for an "all clear" on his knee so he can start playing soccer! The PT is very pleased with his progress.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Day 3

of my cold. can't wait for it to be over. I didn't proctor at school today. They didn't need me. I mowed the grass instead, took all my green tomatoes to the school office staff and cut down my vines except for 2 with blooms. Then I visited friends on my websites and cut some dies with my cutter. It's correctly correctly now just not all the way through the paper. Need to work on that some more.

I have a roast in the crock pot for supper - yummmmm. J has leader's club at the Y tonight and that's all for today. We're getting ready to watch Leatherheads now.

Wish my ears would pop - lol.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Half way there...

Isn't it sad how we wish our days away to get to the weekend? :-)

Nothing exciting again. Still feeling lousy because of the cold. Have supper at church tonight and 2 yo mission friends :-). They are so much fun. I just love 2 yos and infants :-).

Are you watching Dancing with the Stars? It's the only "reality" show I watch. I love dancing but don't do it anymore :-(. This season looks like it's going to be another great one! So much talent in such a short time. My favorites are Brooke & Derek and Maurice & Cheryl.

I'm starting to have withdrawals because I haven't had time to be creative this week. Maybe Friday night I can get something going. We'll be busy all day Saturday.

Have a great "hump day"!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's Tuesday, Grommit!

Have you ever watched the Wallace and Grommit movies? They are really cute. Try them out sometime. We bought them we liked them so much. Haven't watched them in a while - need to pull them out for a giggle :).

Yes - I have a cold... tired, achey - blah! At least I know how long it will last - lol.

Nothing big going on today. Two conference calls at work... they are the norm for the project I'm on. Soccer practice tonight but J still can't participate. Last scheduled PT appt tomorrow, hoping therapist will release him then just need the doctor's release.

That's all for me today. Oh - I made some more Halloween ATCs for a swap. You can see them here ..., plus some other things I've created lately.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Autumn

Yes, it's the first day of Autumn, sometime after 11:00 this morning. I'm looking forward to it. Summer was mild and I loved it but the cool, crisp air is so refreshing.

I had a lazy day yesterday. After a late night, I was exhausted. When I got home from church I crashed in the recliner for 3 hours. It was wonderful! When R got back from his bicycle ride he crashed for a couple of hours. J was the only one that didn't take a nap and he is usually the one that does - lol.

Last night I finished watching "the right stuff" and " apollo 13". While I was watching I scrapped and finished 4 pages! I'm almost done with 8th grade :-). But then I thought I was almost done a couple of months ago and found more pictures. Hopefully I won't find anymore.

After thinking I had escaped getting a cold from J and then R, I went to bed last night feeling one coming on - sigh. Hope it's the same virus and they don't get it again. J is still taking an antibiotic for the sinus infection that came from his.

Forgot to mention... R's mom only suffered a broken big toe from her fall Saturday evening. We were very relieved.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

What a day, what a day...

Actually it started yesterday, J didn't feel well enough to go to school so I stayed home with him in case the pain got worse. I called into a meeting on a conference line - what fun. It's hard enough to pay attention sitting in the meeting can you imagine sitting at my home computer listening on the phone? LOL - I was surfing the web most of the time.

J finally woke up around 11 feeling much better and looking better too. Isn't it funny how you don't notice how bad they look until they feel better? I finally got off the conf call at 12:30 and "left" work for the day. I mowed and ran some errands. Then J thought he had soccer practice at 7 but no one showed up. It was Thursday night.

Both of us stayed up until midnight. I was making Halloween ATCs for a swap and he was on the computer chatting with his friends. I started watching "The Right Stuff" and that's why I wound up staying up so late. I kept thinking it would go off in the next 1/2 hour - WRONG - lol.

This morning I sat up with a jolt (around 9:30) when I remember I needed to cut some party invitations for a friend. And with me and my cutter still on the outs, I knew it would take some time. J finally got up at 11.

His soccer match was at 2:00. We are still attending even though he can't play yet. We left late for it because I started watching Apollo 13 and J thought they were about to land - lol. Finally gave up on it too. (I rented both the movies this evening and plan to watch them tomorrow.) Got to the match to find out it was rescheduled and our team had not been notified. They were already playing. They started as soon as our team had enough players to play. We won 4-3 :-).

Ran home and took J to swim, still working on the invites. Home again for him to shower and get ready to go to the YMCA - still working on invites. I finally finish the invites and get J to the Y and deliver the invites. Run some errands (pick up the movies) and head home. Not home 15 min when R gets a call from his Aunt to tell him his Mom has fallen and is on her way to hospital. His sister is just 30 minutes away but has plans????? We are an hour away???? He was not happy but he got in the car and went.

I head to grocery store and text J when I get there to take his antibiotic. And he texts back that the event he thought was an overnight ends at 10:30 tonight -lol. I tell him to text me when he's ready for me to pick him up. There goes my evening plans of creating and cutting and my afternoon plans for tomorrow of the same thing. Now I'll have to share the computer - lol.

Like I said ... What a day, what a day :-).

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fall fever...

So I go to Lowe's looking for a dehumidifier and look what I come how with instead (the dehumidifier was too expensive).

Yep - everything in the picture except the flag holder - lol. The flag was in a package of 4 for $20. Couldn't beat that since individually they were 8.48. The yellow mums on the left were in 2 in pots for 25 cents!!! They had broken limbs or dead blooms. What a steal! I just repotted them. Everything else was full price. I splurged on the flower with the black centers on the right. They remind of black eyed susans but they aren't. The pots of flowers with buds will be a deep orange when they bloom.

Oh that's not all I got. I also bought some small pots to repot my african violets and two trays to sit them in. Also got a thermometer to put in my sunroom so I'll know how hot it is in there. Oh and some cool lights to put in my ceramic jack o'lanterns :-).

Yes - going to a home and garden store is just as bad for me as going into a scrapbook store - lol.
Here are 3 more of the 25 cent mums after repotting. My wooden scarecrow usually is where the other arrangement is so I decided to stick him in this pot for now.

And here is the first leaf I've found in our yard - lol. Many more to come.

Oh - almost forgot.... Not appendicitis or kidney stones. think it may be viral. Did say it could be appendix and we'd know very quickly if it is - lol. J still is worried about that but I'm not. I think it's just viral.

Is it only Thursday????

This has been a LONNNNNG week. I'm so used to having Wednesdays off that when I don't, it makes the week seem long to me. Wednesdays are my busy weekday - although lately every weekday seems busy carting my son everywhere!

Tuesday night J decided he wanted to go to the doctor for his sinus infection. We put it off too long because of other obligations and it finally whipped him. He's on an antibiotic now, but he felt so bad Wednesday that he didn't go to school. Day 1 of only 8 he is allowed to miss.

He felt better by the time I got home just a little tired. He went to PT and I told the therapist what was going on so he didn't make him ride the stationary bike as long or as hard. Then it was supper at church. Both his good friends from church weren't there so I brought him home and went back to teach Mission Friends.

I have the 2yr olds. They are so cute! EXCEPT we have one boy that is not in pre-school and he has no clue how to sit still and be quiet - lol. And he gets a little girl involved in his antics so we are always calling them down - lol. And it's not like we make them sit still and listen the whole hour. We pace what we're doing and make sure they are busy and moving around.

Last night J complained his right side was hurting so I gave him Tylenol. This morning he didn't say anything. 10:15 got a call from the school nurse. He was in there with it hurting. She checked his appendix and suggested I take him to the doctor. It was an hour before I could get to school to pick him up so he is only missed his last class. Now that we're home he says it is still bothering him but he's not having the sharp pain he was having during his 2nd class. We have a doctor appt at 3:00. That was the earliest they could take me. We're still going so he will know what is wrong and won't continue to worry that it's his appendix. He is such a worry wart :-).

So that's my last 2 exciting days. Not only did I leave my all day meeting early Wed but also today - sigh. And I was finally interested in what was going on this morning - sigh. Hopefully I'll get to go tomorrow for the follow- up meeting. Will probably get more out of it ;-).

Catch ya later!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's Tuesday

and I'm back at work. Well, actually I'm home now. Had several meetings today and a couple of project things to straighten out. Tomorrow and Wednesday I have an all day meeting. We do get lunch tomorrow but that just makes for an even longer day. J has PT so I'll have to leave early to get him there.

OH - My spider is gone :-(. J knocked his web down partially one night because "I don't like spiders" - grrrr. It had rebuilt by the next day. The Orkin came... he got rid of it for good I think. It has not rebuilt. Oh well...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Another busy weekend!

Plus I didn't feel good so it's all a blur now - lol. Friday I was off and did platelet donation - check out my posts about that ;-). Then I played with my Wishblade because it still doesn't want to cut right. I received a suggestion over the weekend that I need to check out. I hope it works. Then
J had his followup with the Sport's Med doctor for his knee. It's doing well. He has to go to 2 weeks of PT and the first one is today. After it is over, I'm supposed to take him to swim but we'll see how he's feeling first- lol.

Saturday was our first soccer game. J still can't play but we attended for him to be with the team. They won 3-0. Beat J's best friend's (from church) team. He's having trouble with this friend. Friend doesn't seem to know how to have a girlfriend and a best friend at the same time - sigh. So he ignores J completely which then makes J mad. So J decided not to talk to him yesterday at church. We'll see how long this lasts.

Sunday we went to church and I kept the babies during worship. Since I still wasn't feeling well (nothing contagious), we didn't stay for the youth luncheon. We got plates to go. was having it's 5th annual PJ Party so I joined in around 1:30 or 2:00 and stayed until 7:30. It was lots of fun. We were all making ATCs and trading them. I had cut a bunch of WB files earlier so got to use them on my ATCs. We were in a Chat Room and those of us with Webcam were able to see and talk to each other. Several without were still able to hear us but had to type to talk to us.

Today I've cleaned house, posted my ATCs I traded, stopped by the doctor's office to fill out paper work for J's PT and started dinner :). I'm on a roll..... After I finish here I'm heading to to catch up there since I never did yesterday **eekkk**. also need to post pictures of the ATCs I made yesterday :).

Oh forgot to mention... My right hand & forearm did bruise but my left arm didn't - go figur'?

Friday, September 12, 2008

I’m a Plateletpheresis donor

Here’s Wikipedia’s definition of this process if you’re not familiar with it. Plateletpheresis is the process of collecting platelets, the components of blood that are involved in blood clotting. It can be a life-saving procedure in preventing or treating serious complications from bleeding and hemorrhage in patients who have disorders manifesting in low platelet count or platelet dysfunction.

Platelet transfusions are traditionally given to those undergoing chemotherapy for leukemia, those with aplastic anemia, AIDS, hypersplenism, ITP, sepsis, DIC, bone marrow transplant, radiation treatment, organ transplant or surgeries such as cardiopulmonary bypass.
Pheresis (pronounced as fur-ee-sis) is a special kind of blood donation by which specific components of the blood can be separated. It came from a Greek word meaning 'to take away' or 'separate'. By this method, the blood components like plasma, erythrocytes, platelets, granulocytes and agranulocytes can be separated. The pheresis is done using a machine called a cell separator. The separation is based on density gradient centrifugation. The separated components are collected in separate vials or specialized polythene bags in the machine.
Your body can replenish your platelets in 24 hours, so you could donate everyday but your “wounds” from the needles do not heal that quickly so you are only allowed to donate every 2 weeks. I usually go once a month. I went today.

Yesterday I decided to take my camera so I can document how this is completed and I want to put it in my “All About Me” scrapbook. I was excited to find a nurse that is an excellent photographer and didn’t mind getting some close up pictures. But would you believe this turned out to be my most unpleasant experience since I started donating several years ago – lol. Now I had a VERY BAD experience donating blood about 20 years ago but that’s a different story and it didn’t stop me. Today wasn’t nearly as bad.

I think donating blood or platelets is a simple way for me to give to my community. I remember my Dad coming home with his arm wrapped from donating blood. I thought it was so heroic of him. When I started working after college my company supported blood donation and would give us time off work to do it, so I started. I’ve been giving blood and now platelets for 20 years (I took a 6 year hiatus while trying to get pregnant).

So all that said, if you have any aversion to needles DO NOT continue reading and definitely do not page down to the next post because you will not like the pictures.

The blood is taken from my left arm and I usually have the red cells put back in through my right hand. Now I have a very high platelet count and they usually get two or three doses from me. My nurse, Vickie, asks if I can do three today. I say yes, so she sets up the machine for three.

She places the needle in my had as usual and moves on to my left arm. She misses my vein – that has happened before so no big deal. She asks another nurse, Eva, to come try to correct it. Now if you’re not aware they cannot remove the needle they just have to “feel” for a vein with it. Sometimes that is painful and sometimes not. It wasn’t today as she was “finding” the vein but when she found it and placed the needle in it hurt some. That also happens sometimes and it stops. It did but still felt sore so I figured I was bruised (which also happens sometimes).
Vicki goes back to my hand to open up the tube for the return. Well, the back of my hand is a little swollen so the she tells Eva to hold on. This one has slipped and we need to do another. Now I’ve never had this happen, but I think I was moving it more than I usually do because I was focusing on my left arm and the nurse, Raven, taking pictures for me. Vicki and Eva start looking at my arm to find another good place. I have a very nice vein on my forearm so they decide to use it but neither of them like sticking that spot so they call Susan over to do it – lol. She does a great job and I don’t feel a thing.

Well, my left arm is still bothering me but not bad so I don’t say anything. Everything is looking good and I start watching Good Morning America. Every so often I have a sharp pain in my left arm at the needle site and there is lots of pressure from the blood pressure cup on my arm. All the nurses keep coming to check on me and I tell each one that it’s very uncomfortable and they all adjust it one way or another but never release the cup pressure. I finally ask one to release it and she does a little but it didn’t help. I finally ask one how much I’ve given and I’m close to two doses. I told her I didn’t think I could handle three today. The discomfort is continuing and getting worse. So after I’m sure there is 2 doses I ask Raven to take me off and she does.
My arm is still sore so I’m sure it is bruised and that was contributing to the discomfort plus they did have the cup tighter than I remember. Next time I’ll insist they loosen it more if I’m hurting.

When Raven goes to my right arm to wrap it we notice my hand is still swollen so ice is taped to it – lol. It’s very funny looking. People probably think I’ve beat myself up – lol.

Plateletpheresis pictures

The friendly receptionist that checks everyone in.

The receptionist took this pic. She's not as good at it as Raven :-). Before donating your nurse checks your temperature, blood pressure and iron count, then you answer a list of questions. The same ones you answer when donating whole blood.

Vicky is on the left - she was my main nurse. Raven is on the right and she became my great photographer. Stop looking now if you get quesy over needles... you've been warned!

Vicky inserts the return needle in the back of my hand.

Now time to sterilize my arm for the outtake needle.

Now the stick - which missed the vein - arhhh.
I thought Raven got more pictures of Eva fixing it but I guess not.

Oh - maybe this is while Eva was working on it. I wasn't as happy as I look - lol.

This is after they removed the needle from the back of my hand and put it in my arm. Taping me up to hold it in place.

My left arm is pumping now and feeling very sore.

My right arm is receiving my Red Blood cells back after the platelets were removed.

You get very cold while this is going on so they cover you with warmed up blankets. They feel SO GOOD :-).

All done and bandaged up in PINK - my favorite color. See the ice pack on my hand? First time I've ever needed one.

the finished product - 2 doses of platelets.

Some of the nurses at their set up station. Eva is standing and Marcia is sitting in front of the island. See the TVs above it?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's my Friday!

Yep that's right. I'm off tomorrow :). I think I figured out why my blog is a pain at work. It's the YouTube link I have on it. It eventually came up and let me log on. I was just too impatient last time.

I had a busy day yesterday (that's why I never got around to bloggin). Wound up leaving work early to pick up J. He stayed after school to help clean the Stadium. It's a fund raiser for the differnt sports teams. the wrestling team was doing it yesterday. He was the only freshman and they teased him but he enjoyed it - lol. They called him an "obedient freshman" because he was doing the cleaning for them - lol. He wants to try wrestling again but I'm not sure....

then from there it was home to change into his swim suit and get a snack and off to the pool for his swim team training. I think I mentioned this earlier. Well, it didn't go so well yesterday. Apparently our friend has forgotten that J is just trying this out to see if he likes it and was giving J a major hard time. The friend is a retired swim team coach. Anyhoooo, hoping I can talk J into doing it for 3 or 4 more weeks. I need to "coach" him on how to talk to friend about what J is wanting out of this. and to remind our friend that he has not comitted to being on the swim team.

Then it was home and change clothes to go to church for supper. After we ate brought J back home for homework and heating pad on his back. (That's why swim didn't go well, his back tightened up and started hurting.) and back to church for me. I got home around 8:15 and was TIRED - lol.

Tonight shouldn't be as bad. J has Leaders Club at the YMCA a 7:00 and I can drop him off and have an hour before going back to pick him up. I think I may go walk. I've walked 2 days in a row now and it feels great! BUT oh I want to stay home and create something :). Maybe I'll have time tomorrow during my busy day off.... but I'll tell you about that tomorrow...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tuesday blues...

Soooooo I tried posting to my blog from work today but it kept locking up, sooo I had to wait until I got home. I all excited again because I came up with some cool new ideas today for ATCs and layouts :-D. I want to cut some new files with my wishblade but J wants on the puter too - lol. The machine is loud so he hates it cutting while he's on but he may just have to suck it up tonight.

He started swimming lessons last night with CHS's retired swim coach. He is a friend of ours and offered to train him if J really wanted to do it. He enjoyed it last night and I hope he will continue enjoying it. It doesn't matter to me if he ever joins the swim team. I just think this is a great experience for him and great exercise. Last doctor visit he was 5'6" and 179 lbs.

We go back to the sports med doctor this Friday to have a follow up on his knee. It's doing great and only hurts occasionally now after exercising some. Hoping he'll be released to run and jump so he can start back with soccer practice.

That's all for today.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Full Weekend

We had such a full weekend I wasn't able to post here. Saturday my son had school for half a day to make up a day missed because of flooding. Dad got him up and ready for the carpool so I got to sleep in :-). Once I did get up I got things together to take to a friend's house to make them dinner. She had knee surgery earlier in the week. I visited with her until it was time for school pick up. Then is was lunch and time to get ready to go here.

Wake Forest University's first home game! Hubby graduated from there and we have attended home games since we were engaged. Son is already brainwashed into wanting to attend college here - lol. Hope he can make the grades to do it.

They always do something special at the first home game and this year they had WWII sky writers do a fly over. My son got a video of it on my camera and if I can figure out how to post it I will. This is a picture of their approach to the stadium.

And this is a picture of some of their writing before the game. (Look at the top of the pole and to the left.) We saw them as we were driving in but didn't know why they were there. An Airshow was also in town so throughout the game vintage aircraft were flying over the stadium. It was really cool!

Here's a better close up of the skywriting. The planes flew side by side in a line and each plane "puffed out" one "dot" of smoke to make the letter.

The band got new uniforms this year. All black and I know they were hot Saturday. It was in the low ninetys but there was also a great breeze. We noticed the new uniforms right away and that the band was larger. They announced it had grown by 40% this year. They played a number by James Brown and even had a member singing but didn't have him hooked up to the stadium sound system. We were only able to hear bits and pieces of his singing but what we heard was good.

Figured out the video thing. I posted one of "Open the Gate" at the beginning of the game. It takes way too long to upload these suckers so I'll wait for my son to get home to do the planes - lol.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Look what I found

in my front yard Tuesday. It's scarey isn't it - lol. We usually get a huge spider web on our front porch in early October and I hope it will stay until Halloween but it is always gone. This year it's early and in a different spot. Hope it catches lots of mosquitos- :-D.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Day 4...

I almost forgot today that's why I'm late. Want to try and do this each morning before my day gets away.

Nothing new here. Leaving work early to pick my son up from school because his ride has a teacher's meeting right after school. Gives me a good excuse to leave early :-).

Called my Mom this morning to check and see if they are making plan for Hanna's visit. She gave me the "lived here a long time" lackadaisical attitude - lol. "It's not hitting us. We're on the southern side of it right? Then we don't need to do anything. I'll wait until it gets closer." I just said "Fine, mom, but you are going to get some high winds. Where are your outside plants?" If she calls me afterwards whining about something that happened I'm going to have no sympathy - lol. I'm 200 miles inland and will get less wind than she and still plan to make sure "blowable" items are put away.

I finished up 2 more ATCs last night :-). Got 2 more started. It's so fun to have small projects to work on :-).

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Day 3 - I'm on a roll....

and need to keep it going :-). I think after I've remembered to do this 7 days in a row I'll stop my count in the title.

I'm back at my desk today - sigh. We're in a major lull at work right now. Nothing to do. We go through these occasionally but this one is driving me nuts. BECAUSE I can think of all the creative things I could be doing at home. I love my job but hate these lulls.

Like everyone else on the east coast, I'm waiting to see what Hanna decides to do today. I work at a major utility in the customer service area. We are already in storm mode, which means we're preparing for a storm. One of my co-workers joked earlier ... "don't answer your phone this weekend." I'm in IT and we are used for back up on the phones at our customer service center. Those are the people that answer customer calls. Ir the call volume gets larger than the regular folks can handle, we're called in to help. Hopefully it won't get to that.

No pictures today. I almost took one of Buddy (our dog) yesterday because he was being so lazy. Usually when I'm at home he is constantly bugging me to pet him or go outside. Well, I decided to take the picture and when I rounded the corner to the room he was in, he stood up and looked like he was about to puke. I called him and let him outside where he did puke! I say a quick thank you prayer that I got up when I did or I would have had to clean the floor! He was chewing on a roll of surgical tape the night before so he must have shallowed some before I got it away from him. He perked up some after he got it out of his stomach - lol.

Now that I've grossed you out - I'll leave - lol. I'm sure I'll be back when I get bored.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Day 2 of blogging

Decided to come here first so I wouldn't forget or put it off :-). Just got back from my annual "squeeze". We have a new imaging center dedicated to this now. It's all digital. It's really cool. I got to see all the scans. The technican told me they can see so much more now that it's digital. I've been called back the last couple of years because I have a fibroid (sp) tumor in one so maybe this year they won't call me back. And I actually think the squeeze wasn't as bad this year. Wonder it the digital means they don't have to close the vise as tight? :-).

Here's a pin they gave me. Guess I'll stick it in my cork board I have hanging in my scraproom.

If you haven't scheduled yours yet - GET ER DONE!!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

More of Mr. T

Well - I never good figure out my new phone software - grrr, so I had to email the pictures to myself. Here is Mr. T and his tomato.

This is after I tore a hole in it for him. He never could punture the skin.

He appeared to enjoy it.

Here's Buddy checking him out - lol. He would jump back every time Mr. T took a bite of the tomato. Buddy is such a scaredy cat!

Nearly a year

I can't beleive it's been almost a year since my last post. Well, actually I can. I never got into blogging much but I think I'm going to try again. I need something else to entertain myself with - lol. Happy Labor Day to everyone. I cleaned out my Iris beds this morning and found an old friend I'd been missing this summer. Our turtle! He comes every summer and travels between our back yard and our neighbors. I saw him in the spring or early summer and had not seen him since. I kept throwing tomatoes in the back for him but would find them untouched. Well, when I started pulling weeds and wild strawberries out of my iris bed I noticed something moving and my heart skipped a beat because first thing I thought was SNAKE! Then I saw his shell, he was "running" as fast as he could - lol. I'd never seen him totally out of his shell before so I ran for my camera, which I could not find so I grabbed an old one. I got a few shots of his attempt to escape and climbing the wall. Well, I managed to upload them in the wrong order - lol. I finally gave him a boost to get him on the wall, then I picked him up and carried him to our creek bed in the back. I also picked him a half ripe tomato since I pulled up his cafeteria - lol. I left him with his lunch to eat in peace - after a few pictures. Buddy - our dog - started acting funny later so I knew Mr. T was on the move again. I found him and checked out the tomato and he never was able to pierce the skin. So I poked a hole in it for him and sat it back in front of him. He finally came out and started to eat. Have some pictures of that on my phone. I'll post those later because it is charging at the moment.

Mr. T making his escape

Mr. T when I first found him.

Mr. T on the run.