Sunday, September 30, 2007

October challenges pictures

These are the pictures for my October challenge at ACP. I got the idea from "Paper Made Easy" I think it was the August 2007 issue. For instructions, tune into ACP on October 1.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Such an ugly creature...

I forgot to share this photo with you. This fellow lives in my mom's greenhouse. I cannot stand lizards or anything that looks like them. This is a skink(sp). J's friend had never seen one so asked me to take a picture so he could show it to his mom. As soon as I print a copy I'll be deleting this sucker - lol.

Saturday, July 7, 2007


Here are some shots of our home fireworks. Bottle rockets are against the law here so we only get the legal ones. The J and his friend had a blast - lol. I finally remembered to take a few shots of them when we were finished with the big stuff and they were finishing up their sparklers. They were so excited they let me take a picture of them hugging each other - lol. then made me promise now to show it to anyone - snort! Unfortunatley it is a little out of focus but I'll still be putting it in a scrapbook ;-).

Lots of people have never seen this. A "snake" plant/"motherinlaw tongue" plant blooming. I don't know it's correct name but those are the two common names I've heard it called. Mine never bloomed before I moved into this house and it has bloomed every summer since. OH - this was my Granny's plant. She died in 1981. I have no clue how long she had it before then.

My scraproom

Here's what I've finally done with our ACP convention group shots. The first one is still hanging on the wall. You can't see it in this shot. The rest are now on top the window. The second picture is not as zoomed so you can see the stuff hanging around the window. The basket to the left of the window has our "friendship tags" in it. The pretty orange diamond to the right is a thank you note my little friend made me after I spent the day with her. She was tickled pink when she saw it hanging on my wall when she was here a week ago.

and more garden shots

heeheee - here's one of my cucumbers on the vine. I've been letting them get really big because they are bitter if I pick them smaller. I've also watch them start off shaped like a pear as the water fills them up - lol. I won't grow them this way again. Below are my first tomatoes to turn red. I plan to pick the reddest one today and have a tomato sandwich for lunch :).

Back to my mini garden :-)

The first picture was taken 6/15 and the second one on 7/7. I was thinking the corn stalks were taller but now I'm not sure. I took them at different angles. You can see how lush the first shot looks and how everything looks like it's dying in the second shot - lol. My tomatoes are finally turning red though.

and some more vacation shots

The sandcastle is a replica of Fort Pulaski. I'm sure you all recongized it right away **rolling eyes**. It was created for a Sand Castle contest. The next picture is one I took from our balcony. I thought this was R sitting in the shade reading while the boys were in the pool. After I got home and enlarged it I realized it wasn't him - bbahahahaha.

More vacation shots

The first picture is the tabby fireplace wall left from a slave home on Hilton Head Island. Blows me away that it has lasted all these years. The next pictures is of a fort R took the boys to see.

Now onto June and vacation shots...

That's the sandcastle J's friend made. And the two of them in the pool trying to hide their faces from me - the little jerks - lol.

cucumbers anyone?

Here is my first cucumber growing on the vine and the first 3 I picked.

Wow - it's been over a month

since I posted my last picture - shame on me. Now I'm having to remember how to do all of this again - lol. I do have some pictures I took a while back that I'll post too.

Here is my corn as it started growning on the stalks and my first two ears before cooking them. They were yummy!!! I have 2 or 3 more ears growing. I can't remember right now. Plan to pick them next week.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Can you tear a phone book in half?

Andre can. Here's a picture of him doing it.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

More Strength pictures

I was pleased with how this picture came out. There were no lights on in the gym, just the fire light. I was at the back ... a basket ball court width plus 10 feet away from the stage. You can barely see the guy in the back on the left. He was running around breaking bricks and boards that were on fire. He would wet his arm with water inbetween every two breaks.

The second picture is "the grip". There are 10 men on each side of "Big Dave" trying to pull his grip apart. They told me later that is the hardest thing for anyone to do because that is the strongest "hold" a person can do. Oh - they were not able to pull his hands apart.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Strength Team

This is the only picture I got of the 4 men together. There was always one of them behind the others. Two of them weighed over 300 lbs and the other two were in the 200 lb range. All of them had upper arms the size of watermelons!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Just how big can a water bottle get???

We had The Strength Team at our church this week. They do amazing strength demostrations. That really is a hot water bottle blown up. It popped soon after I took the picture.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Proud to be an American

I took these shots driving home from the Post Office one evening. the flag is on top of the crane where the our new county jail is being built. And I thought the steeple was pretty in the sunset so pulled over to get it.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Not just another pretty flower

Here's the Fushia I bought myself for Mother's Day.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My Poeny not to be confused with "my pony"

My poeny bush is showing itself this year too!!! it's gorgeous. Here's a shot of the bush with blooms on it and a closeup of 2 blooms. I think I cut 6 - 8 of the blooms off over the weekend and it still has plenty on it.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Yummy salad & haircuts

here's what I had for lunch today and J ate my leftovers for supper. A friend took me to the place to get one of these last week. When I went out for a sandwich today I remembered it, but I forgot we only ordered a half last week. Boy was it big!!!

We also got haircuts this evening. J got his "summer" cut. Here is the before, mid-way and after shots.

Snap to!

My snap dragons are showing themselves this year!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Meet Nellie, Jack's new friend

I bought another clementis over the weekend and planted it today next to my other one. "Nellie" will be "Jack's" new friend :). I hope they get along OK. "Nellie" is the white one with pink highlights. "Jack" is the purple one.