Friday, October 31, 2008

WOW - 6 days sure go by fast...

Seems like I just posted all my creations yesterday. Not much happening here. Just daily life. OH - Happy Halloween! My son is too old for TorTing now so he has 2 friends spending the night and they are planning to hide and scare the TorTers that come to our house. I've told them they cannot scare the young kids.

My son has another cold that is turning into a sinus infection so will be taking him to the doctor next week. Speaking of insurance, got the details of my company insurance this month and the one I use will be paying 100% of preventive well physicals next year so I've cancelled mine and my son's and will reschedule for January - lol.

I'm going to a Scrap Pink crop all day tomorrow and plan to make my Christmas cards! I'm excited about it! I'll have time to play with some things I've never used. I can't believe all the Christmas stuff I've collected and not used. I keep finding more and more. I thought by making cards I wouldn't be toting as much stuff as I would doing pages... WRONG!!! LOL I have just as much to take. I plan to load the car tonight so I'll be ready to roll as soon as I can drag myself out of bed tomorrow.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Here are 2 more cards I created as part of the 13 days of October challenges at startascrapbook.
This first one we had to alter/embellish black or regular chipboard. I painted regular chipboard letters black then I mixed up some homemade glimmer mist with my emerald green perfect pearls and used a stencil on the letters and sprayed them. I think you can see the design but not the glimmer too well. I also sprayed the card and I won't do that again. Makes it curl up and you really can't tell. well, the black paint kept smuging the card even though it was dry so when I was looking for some ribbon to tie around the Y saw the wide green ribbon and decided to add it . Stick and hang holly charms from ACP and wa la - JOY Card. This was a lot of fun to make once I got the letters ready.

The second one we had the sketch to use. I love how my card turned out! I used Figgy Pudding papers, a piece of ribbon from a Christmas ribbon swap, a Jolee's leather poinsettia and two swirl charms (which are now my favorites) from ACP.

Here's another of the 13 days of October challengs at startascrapbook. we had a tag sketch to follow. I really love how my tag came out and plan to use it on a Christmas card :). I used Basic Greg Figgy Pudding papers to make the tag and the words are from another Chrismtas stack. I cut a piece of paper up to get the individual words.
Wanted to share some more cards I've created as part of the StartAScrapbook's 13 days of October challenges.

We had to use 13 stickers on this one and no alpha stickers. Thankfully I had some sentiments stickers - lol. my 13th sticker is inside. It says "Merry Christmas". The lights on top are 3 stickers together. Santa is a sticker himself just stuck behind the sled. The star on top the tree is also a separate sticker. Christmas stickers are the only ones I have left - lol.

This was a use your scraps challenge. The card is even from a scrap of 12x12 paper :). Star, santa and present charms are from ACP.

This was based on a Tim Holtz's challenge and we had ot use paint. I painted the red background and the chipboard C. I combed the red on the C. I also put glossy accents over the "cheer" tag I made with my tag maker:). Holly charm is from ACP

For this one we needed to use 13 eyelets. I didn't have enough of one color or type so used silver and white with a triangle at the top :). The swirly tree is from Sam and Hailey Designs at Paperthreads (PT is currently down).

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Here's a layout I did for a sketch challenge. I decided to use two of my Platelet donation pictures I got last time I donated. I want document my donations.
I used Rusty Pickle paper for the base and the embellishments. I cut up a piece to get the flowers. The grey were on one side and the tan on the other. I only have two sheets of this and now I'm wishing I had more . I added a strip of blue bazzil and my title is some distressed stickers I had in my stash. Of course I always try to make my layouts and cards charming so I added some flower charms from ACP. Here is my journaling and if you want to know more about platelet donatation and see more pictures you can go to my older posts. But don't do it if you don't like needles!
I've been donating blood for 20 years. Several years ago I started donating platelets instead. I think donating blood or platelets is a simple way for me to give to my community. I remember my Dad coming home with his arm wrapped from donating blood. I thought it was so heroic. I started as soon as I graduated from college. (I took a 6 year hiatus while trying to get pregnant.) Dad never thought anything about it but it was his donating that influenced me to donate. I hope my simple gift of time and platelets will give someone hope during their illness.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This first card was made with only cardstock and rub-ons.

This challenge was to make a card using a sketch and this is what I did. I used non-traditional Christmas colors & patterned paper which is also a challenge for me - lol.
Well, I'm almost let another whole week go by before posting. I don't even remember all that has gone on since last Thursday - lol. Saturday was our usual soccer and yard work day. I did house stuff since R mowed the grass. It had gotten too high for me to handle it. I'm hoping to get to mow this week but won't get my day off until Friday and now rain is forecasted - sigh.
I did get creative Sunday or Monday night - can't remember which now - lol. I made two cards for challenges at startascrapbook. I'll post those later. Need to go copy the images from the website.
Work is busy this week so haven't had any time to come here while at work - which is a good thing. Had a few minutes this morning before meetings start.
J decided last night he wants to sit on our steps Halloween night like a decoration and scare the kids - lol. I remember that happening to me so I told him OK. It won't last long. He'll get bored - lol. He wants his best friend to come over and do it with him. If that happens, I doubt they will be able to stay quiet - lol. I'll let you know how it turns out.
That's all for now. Be back later with the cards I made. OH - here is a planner page I made. I'm in a swap and will be making 13 of these :).

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wow - time sure does fly! I've been thinking about updating all week and the week is now almost over.

I have great news! Had my first weigh in at WW last Monday and I had lost 3 lbs! I was excited because I ate out 2 times over the weekend. Now this week is another story. I've been starving all week and it's been a challenge. Hopefully I didn't blow it and gain that 3 back - lol.

Today is my day off and I've been very lazy so far. I stayed up reading last night and was extremely tired when I got up for the school drop off run. I came home and ate breakfast then climbed in the recliner and went back to sleep :-). I set my phone alarm to wake me up at 10;15. I kept hitting the snooze which is only 5 min. and finally got up at 11:00 because I had a haircut appt at 11:30 - lol. I feel much better now but glad I had that appt to make me get up or who knows when it would have happened - lol.

I'm getting ready to leave for my eye doctor appt now. I waited to go this month so we'd be finished paying for J's PT and doctor visits for his knee and what comes in the mail today??? The bill for his MRI that was done at the end of August!!! I thought we'd already gotten it. Oh well, I don't need new frames but it's those bi-focals lenses that cost so much **rolling eyes**.

It's over cast and rainy here today. Just drizzling off and on occasionally. I'm glad it's raining because we need it and now I don't have to mow the grass - lol. By the time the yard drys out I may not be able to mow. After it gets so high, I can't do it even with our self propelled mower.

That's all for today! have a good one.

Monday, October 6, 2008

We had a good weekend! I did sleep in late Saturday and woke up with a headache. I had not taken a decongestant for 2 days and paid the price - lol. J spent the night with a friend Friday and got home mid-morning and went back to sleep. After we both got up it was time to prepare for soccer and get something to eat. R got home from his bike ride in time to get a snack and head to soccer. J did well for his first time playing since his injury. He was nervous - lol. He'll feel more confident after participating in some practices.

After soccer, R and J worked in the yard and I went grocery shopping, then met a friend and her daughter for supper at Chili's. I was so hungry! I sorta blew my good WW day. R grilled Italian sausages for him and J.

Sunday after church we invited J's best friend from school over to hang out. We gave him his birthday present then took him out to dinner at a Japanese/Chinese buffet - another day blown in the diet - lol. Actually, I did great on the food, I just overdid the sugar coated peanuts.
Here's a couple of other pictures I promised.

This one is bird feathers stuck in spider webs on our porch railing. And lots of dirt - lol. I don't want to know what happened to the bird these feathers belonged to. I hope it was just molting but with all the cats in our neighborhood...

This one is a seed on my "snake" plant (have also heard it called "MIL's tongue" LOL). I never knew these plants bloomed until we moved into our current house. Now it blooms every summer but I've never had a seed. Unfortunately, I knocked it off when I moved the plant into the house.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Thank goodness it's Friday :-)

I think everyone loves Fridays especially when you work outside your home :-). I'm even more excited because J's soccer game was changed to afternoon from morning so we can now have a laxy morning - interpret as I'm sleeping in ;-).

OK - My monitor at work is driving me crazy!!! It starts emitting a high pitched "ring" every so often. Turning it off doesn't always help but if I can tolerate it, sometimes it will stop. I really need to call it in but I doubt I'll get a new one until the lease is up on it.

I mentioned yesterday I have some more pictures to share. Here is one. I took this last Saturday morning. I saw the spider webs on my neighbors shrubs as I was walking Buddy that morning. I think it is so cool when they do this on the bushes. Eat those other bugs spiders!!! LOL

Thursday, October 2, 2008


I haven't posted since Monday? I knew I was busy at work and home but didn't realize I had forgotten my blog. Oh well...

My cold is just about gone. No longer feel bad but still coughing some.

It's beautiful here today and I'm heading out to mow. It was 48 this morning and only supposed to be in the low 70's today. And if I don't get outside soon I won't be able to because it will be time to do the school pickup run.

I have some pictures to share but they will have to wait now. Sorry.