Monday, April 30, 2007

Empty lot and dead end...

I can't believe I'm actually posting the same day I took the picture :). We have a quiet evening today and it's so nice. OK - I'm actually posting two pictures. I've wanted to take one of these for a while. It's the empty lot where one of my company's buildings used to stand. It was an old original building. It was sold during the recession and rented back. The lease ran out in the last few years and we vacated it. Someone bought it and tore it down. They are now starting to build high rise condos. So the view from the building I'm currently in will be obstructed. The skyline picture I posted earlier has cranes in it from construction on another side of the building I'm in. We're going to be penned in by high rises - lol. And to think the building I'm in was considered "tall" in it's day.
This is a shot of the skywalk that was between the building that was torn down and another of my company's buildings. I had not even noticed it dangling in the air until I went to the top of my parking deck to take the "empty lot" picture. The trees are blocking the part of the of the skywalk that joins the building that is still standing. And the end on the left just stops - lol. I wonder if they will ever tear it down or if they plan to join it to the new building. Can't imagine that, since I would think it would be a security risk if they did.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Empty Pots no more!

Remember the empty pots from Thursday's post?
They're no longer empty:). I wound up chopping up the butterfly bush root myself. J didn't want to do it Thursday night and he was still asleep Saturday morning when I was ready to plant. It could have waited but I found Silver Queen Corn when I was buying the cucumber and tomato plants:). I love Silver Queen COrn soooo I decided to try and grow it in the spot where the root was. A butterfly bush's limbs and roots are very dry like dead wood so it wasn't too hard to break up. There are 3 baby corn stalks and 3 baby cucumber plantsand one cherry tomato plant. I'm hoping my neighbors will have tomatoes like they usually do so mine can get pollenated. The picture of the fence and brick wall is to show you where the flower bed is. That is a hill behind the wall. Instead of walking to the end of the driveway (should have taken a picture of that for you) I step onto the bottom rail of the fence then step onto the lower wall. Sometimes when I do that I think it just might be easier to walk around - lol.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Here's my "Buddy boy" chilling in the shade. He is so funny about being in the yard. He really loves it but he doesn't like being outside alone. I took this picture from my sunroom. He checks frequently to make sure I'm in there. If I am he is very content outside. If I'm not, he wants back inside with me - lol.

Friday, April 27, 2007

I’ve had this wall clock for over 20 years. It was a birthday gift from a friend. I hang it on a wall near my cube where ever I am. It’s how my co-workers fine me… “Sandra? See the watch on the wall down there? That’s where she sits.” It brings back memories from my first few years at work. I and two friends would take each other out for our birthdays and I got this one year. The friend that gave it to me doesn’t even remember doing it, but that friend is a guy so that makes sense – lol. I almost took it home when J was born to use in his nursery, but came to my senses and left it at work ;-).

I took a couple of shots of it because of the glare on the face. Wanted you to get a good look at it.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Empty Pots

J asked if I would grow cucumbers this year. A co-worker suggested using a large pot since I don’t have space for a garden (not even one plant). I found these 2 pots at Big Lots for $5 eachJ. I also got dirt for a great price too. As I was trying to decide where to put them I remembered a plan I had, so they are sitting where my butterfly bush used to be. I got tired of it a couple of years ago. It is way too big for the spot. I didn’t know it would grow so big when I planted it there. I have to cut it back each year and it doesn’t bloom well because of that, so I cut it down last night. I plan to have J chop up the root with a hatchet this weekend. He loves doing that – lol. I think I’ll plant irises in the spot next summer and maybe some pansies over the winter

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I’ve been driving to work to this city for 25 years this June. The skyline has changed every year. This is just part of the skyline I see now. It will be different next year – see the cranes? There is always a crane in it some where. I took this shot of the skyline just to get the cranes. This city never stops building – sigh.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I bought this for J years ago. Actually I can’t remember how long ago – lol. It was in the car for a while and I finally took it out. I didn’t want to throw it away so I stuck it in my planter. I love watching it spin in the breeze. Maybe I actually saved it because I love pinwheels!!!!

Monday, April 23, 2007

My Handsome boy

OK - I didn't take this picture and it wasn't even taken today but I did receive it in the mail today so I'm counting it as my daily photo.
Doesn't my boy clean up nicely? He was so pleased with the picture :-). This is from the Jr. Cotillion Spring Ball March 31.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Debris...

After trimming the holly tree, butterfly bush and bridal's veil bush ... this is all I got???? I felt like I had done more than that - lol.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Before and After...

Today was yard and scrapping day :). I mowed first (had only planned to do the front but felt great and it was sooo pretty that I did the back too.) After mowing I started trimming some of my flowering shrubs. but my main objective was our huge holly tree. I need R to help me with it because I needed a ladder. Here's my lousy picture of it before it was trimmed. (I got my finger or something in the way. You think I'd check the picture since I'm using a digital camera - sigh.)

And here's my lousy picture of it after it was trimmed. Looks a little better.

Friday, April 20, 2007

My Poor Hydrangas

This is what the freezes Easter weekend did to my hydrangas. The back of them close to the house faired well but the front was burned up. Hopefully they will recover. Not a very good picture to show you.

Colorblok album

didn't take this picture but did take one of it last night. Mine doesn't look as nice so using this one I found on the internet.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Our favorite Chinese

J asked to have Chinese for dinner tonight so we went to our favorite place for take out. J will have enough for 3 days now - lol. But he won't be here on Saturday, so I'll get those left overs :-).

And here is my Neena order :-). I got a pastel collection and a black linen sampler. This place has excellent service!! I ordered Monday afternoon and had it on Wednesday.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

April 18 Daily picture

Of course, once I start taking pictures I can't just take one... it's like Lay's potato chips :-).

Here's a little fella most people don't like.

Here are some of my irises and a snap dragon just starting to bloom in my flower bed.

And here are some irises I cut and brought in.

Here's my neighbor's beautiful blue ones.

Here's J taking a nap this afternoon with his Stitch cloth ball beside him :-).
HOORAY - I finally got back into my blog!!! Had to add it to my trusted sites. Now to remember how to add pictures - lol. OH - I remember how. I just wish there was a way to edit the dates so I could go back in time to post my pictures :-).

Ok so here are some pictures and I'll date them as I go.
April 4 - J's last day of PT. All the therapists were teasing him asking if he could chew gum too - lol. He was riding the bike, listening to his Ipod and reading a book.

April 6 - is this not the coolest dogwood you've ever seen??? Pink and white blossoms :-). Saw this on the way home from dropping J off at school. also got a shot of 6 deer in a field but you can't see them unless you know where they are in the picture so not posting it

April 7 - one of my every Saturday places to visit ;-).

April 9 - J and me on the plane on our way to Orlando. It was his first flight and he loved every minute of it- lol.

April 10 - Yummm - this was my delicious fruit plate at our character breakfast. I didn't eat the melons. the cantaloupe was crunchy so didn't try the melondue(sp?). the grapes, watermelon and pineapple were great. We saw Mickey, Pluto, Lilo and Stitch :-). (Oh, I remember Valerie's love of taking food pictures. she inspired me to take this - lol. Wish I'd remembered to take a picture of the Mickey Mouse waffles.)

April 11 - Happy Birthday to me!!! Found this pictures spot at Downtown Disney. Made J take my picture. He wasn't in a good mood that day so did it begrugingly-lol. And yes that is a "Got Charms?" t-shirt I am wearing. I also wore my pink ACP and PDD shirts while I was there.

Just had to show you this next picture - baahaha. A typical 12 yr old staged picture...

That's all for now. Have to get the rest off my SLR camera :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

I'm going to try

and do the incredible challenge Valerie gave us on I was refusing to create a blog but she pointed out it's a great place to post my pictures for the challenge, so I crumbled - lol. Here are the first pictures I took for the challenge. These are all around my yard and stuff I usually don't take pictures of.ACharmingPlace. I was refusing to create a blog but she pointed out it's a great place to post my pictures for the challenge, so I crumbled - lol. Here are the first pictures I took for the challenge. These are all around my yard and stuff I usually don't take pictures of. The first is pollen on our driveway. It's horrible this year.

This is an Angel my mother made me. I have him sitting in a flower bed just beside our driveway so I get to see him often.

This is my broken down bird feeder. I need a new one. This is our second one since Papaw gave J one for Christmas when J was a toddler. Our breakfast nook is just behind it and we can sit and watch the birds while we are eating. Except it won't hold seed now.

Pretty isn't it - lol. The storm drain between our yard and our next door neighbors. when we have storms it looks like a river flowing into it between our yards.

another pollen picture. one of our window sills. They will all need washing once the pollen stops.