Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wow - time sure does fly! I've been thinking about updating all week and the week is now almost over.

I have great news! Had my first weigh in at WW last Monday and I had lost 3 lbs! I was excited because I ate out 2 times over the weekend. Now this week is another story. I've been starving all week and it's been a challenge. Hopefully I didn't blow it and gain that 3 back - lol.

Today is my day off and I've been very lazy so far. I stayed up reading last night and was extremely tired when I got up for the school drop off run. I came home and ate breakfast then climbed in the recliner and went back to sleep :-). I set my phone alarm to wake me up at 10;15. I kept hitting the snooze which is only 5 min. and finally got up at 11:00 because I had a haircut appt at 11:30 - lol. I feel much better now but glad I had that appt to make me get up or who knows when it would have happened - lol.

I'm getting ready to leave for my eye doctor appt now. I waited to go this month so we'd be finished paying for J's PT and doctor visits for his knee and what comes in the mail today??? The bill for his MRI that was done at the end of August!!! I thought we'd already gotten it. Oh well, I don't need new frames but it's those bi-focals lenses that cost so much **rolling eyes**.

It's over cast and rainy here today. Just drizzling off and on occasionally. I'm glad it's raining because we need it and now I don't have to mow the grass - lol. By the time the yard drys out I may not be able to mow. After it gets so high, I can't do it even with our self propelled mower.

That's all for today! have a good one.

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