Friday, October 31, 2008

WOW - 6 days sure go by fast...

Seems like I just posted all my creations yesterday. Not much happening here. Just daily life. OH - Happy Halloween! My son is too old for TorTing now so he has 2 friends spending the night and they are planning to hide and scare the TorTers that come to our house. I've told them they cannot scare the young kids.

My son has another cold that is turning into a sinus infection so will be taking him to the doctor next week. Speaking of insurance, got the details of my company insurance this month and the one I use will be paying 100% of preventive well physicals next year so I've cancelled mine and my son's and will reschedule for January - lol.

I'm going to a Scrap Pink crop all day tomorrow and plan to make my Christmas cards! I'm excited about it! I'll have time to play with some things I've never used. I can't believe all the Christmas stuff I've collected and not used. I keep finding more and more. I thought by making cards I wouldn't be toting as much stuff as I would doing pages... WRONG!!! LOL I have just as much to take. I plan to load the car tonight so I'll be ready to roll as soon as I can drag myself out of bed tomorrow.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend!

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