Monday, October 6, 2008

We had a good weekend! I did sleep in late Saturday and woke up with a headache. I had not taken a decongestant for 2 days and paid the price - lol. J spent the night with a friend Friday and got home mid-morning and went back to sleep. After we both got up it was time to prepare for soccer and get something to eat. R got home from his bike ride in time to get a snack and head to soccer. J did well for his first time playing since his injury. He was nervous - lol. He'll feel more confident after participating in some practices.

After soccer, R and J worked in the yard and I went grocery shopping, then met a friend and her daughter for supper at Chili's. I was so hungry! I sorta blew my good WW day. R grilled Italian sausages for him and J.

Sunday after church we invited J's best friend from school over to hang out. We gave him his birthday present then took him out to dinner at a Japanese/Chinese buffet - another day blown in the diet - lol. Actually, I did great on the food, I just overdid the sugar coated peanuts.
Here's a couple of other pictures I promised.

This one is bird feathers stuck in spider webs on our porch railing. And lots of dirt - lol. I don't want to know what happened to the bird these feathers belonged to. I hope it was just molting but with all the cats in our neighborhood...

This one is a seed on my "snake" plant (have also heard it called "MIL's tongue" LOL). I never knew these plants bloomed until we moved into our current house. Now it blooms every summer but I've never had a seed. Unfortunately, I knocked it off when I moved the plant into the house.

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