Friday, October 3, 2008

Thank goodness it's Friday :-)

I think everyone loves Fridays especially when you work outside your home :-). I'm even more excited because J's soccer game was changed to afternoon from morning so we can now have a laxy morning - interpret as I'm sleeping in ;-).

OK - My monitor at work is driving me crazy!!! It starts emitting a high pitched "ring" every so often. Turning it off doesn't always help but if I can tolerate it, sometimes it will stop. I really need to call it in but I doubt I'll get a new one until the lease is up on it.

I mentioned yesterday I have some more pictures to share. Here is one. I took this last Saturday morning. I saw the spider webs on my neighbors shrubs as I was walking Buddy that morning. I think it is so cool when they do this on the bushes. Eat those other bugs spiders!!! LOL


Ileana said...

I had a monitor that gave me fits. It ended up being the power strip. Try plugging it in directly to the outlet. If it stops ringing, it's the power strip/surge protector.

joybear said...

All the webs look sooooooo cool!