Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Well, I'm almost let another whole week go by before posting. I don't even remember all that has gone on since last Thursday - lol. Saturday was our usual soccer and yard work day. I did house stuff since R mowed the grass. It had gotten too high for me to handle it. I'm hoping to get to mow this week but won't get my day off until Friday and now rain is forecasted - sigh.
I did get creative Sunday or Monday night - can't remember which now - lol. I made two cards for challenges at startascrapbook. I'll post those later. Need to go copy the images from the website.
Work is busy this week so haven't had any time to come here while at work - which is a good thing. Had a few minutes this morning before meetings start.
J decided last night he wants to sit on our steps Halloween night like a decoration and scare the kids - lol. I remember that happening to me so I told him OK. It won't last long. He'll get bored - lol. He wants his best friend to come over and do it with him. If that happens, I doubt they will be able to stay quiet - lol. I'll let you know how it turns out.
That's all for now. Be back later with the cards I made. OH - here is a planner page I made. I'm in a swap and will be making 13 of these :).

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