Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My Poeny not to be confused with "my pony"

My poeny bush is showing itself this year too!!! it's gorgeous. Here's a shot of the bush with blooms on it and a closeup of 2 blooms. I think I cut 6 - 8 of the blooms off over the weekend and it still has plenty on it.


joybear said...

I love all your garden pictures!! Such beautiful flowers..each and everyone!!

Valerie said...

Oh they're gorgeous, I bet they smell just wonderful too! Does your peony attract ants the way my neighbour's does?

Jeana said...

Beautiful! My poor peony only has about 4 blooms on it, this year. I think that freeze we had this spring did it in.
I used to think my Grandma was calling her bush a "penny" bush. I kept wondering why all I could ever find was ants! Where we the pennies??? LOL!!