Sunday, May 20, 2007

More Strength pictures

I was pleased with how this picture came out. There were no lights on in the gym, just the fire light. I was at the back ... a basket ball court width plus 10 feet away from the stage. You can barely see the guy in the back on the left. He was running around breaking bricks and boards that were on fire. He would wet his arm with water inbetween every two breaks.

The second picture is "the grip". There are 10 men on each side of "Big Dave" trying to pull his grip apart. They told me later that is the hardest thing for anyone to do because that is the strongest "hold" a person can do. Oh - they were not able to pull his hands apart.


Valerie said...

Oh the fire is both cool and a little alarming!

joybear said...

Very cool! And that is wild that he was able to hold his grip!!

Leah said...

very cool shots and boy is he strong! GREAT FIRE shot