Wednesday, April 18, 2007

HOORAY - I finally got back into my blog!!! Had to add it to my trusted sites. Now to remember how to add pictures - lol. OH - I remember how. I just wish there was a way to edit the dates so I could go back in time to post my pictures :-).

Ok so here are some pictures and I'll date them as I go.
April 4 - J's last day of PT. All the therapists were teasing him asking if he could chew gum too - lol. He was riding the bike, listening to his Ipod and reading a book.

April 6 - is this not the coolest dogwood you've ever seen??? Pink and white blossoms :-). Saw this on the way home from dropping J off at school. also got a shot of 6 deer in a field but you can't see them unless you know where they are in the picture so not posting it

April 7 - one of my every Saturday places to visit ;-).

April 9 - J and me on the plane on our way to Orlando. It was his first flight and he loved every minute of it- lol.

April 10 - Yummm - this was my delicious fruit plate at our character breakfast. I didn't eat the melons. the cantaloupe was crunchy so didn't try the melondue(sp?). the grapes, watermelon and pineapple were great. We saw Mickey, Pluto, Lilo and Stitch :-). (Oh, I remember Valerie's love of taking food pictures. she inspired me to take this - lol. Wish I'd remembered to take a picture of the Mickey Mouse waffles.)

April 11 - Happy Birthday to me!!! Found this pictures spot at Downtown Disney. Made J take my picture. He wasn't in a good mood that day so did it begrugingly-lol. And yes that is a "Got Charms?" t-shirt I am wearing. I also wore my pink ACP and PDD shirts while I was there.

Just had to show you this next picture - baahaha. A typical 12 yr old staged picture...

That's all for now. Have to get the rest off my SLR camera :)


Valerie said...

LOL I love these!!

joybear said...

Oh how fun! I love them all!!

morgansmom2000 said...

Oh, I have a picture of M in the same place! I can't wait to get back!

Leah said...


Christine said...

great pictures - and lol at the first and last ones!