Sunday, April 29, 2007

Empty Pots no more!

Remember the empty pots from Thursday's post?
They're no longer empty:). I wound up chopping up the butterfly bush root myself. J didn't want to do it Thursday night and he was still asleep Saturday morning when I was ready to plant. It could have waited but I found Silver Queen Corn when I was buying the cucumber and tomato plants:). I love Silver Queen COrn soooo I decided to try and grow it in the spot where the root was. A butterfly bush's limbs and roots are very dry like dead wood so it wasn't too hard to break up. There are 3 baby corn stalks and 3 baby cucumber plantsand one cherry tomato plant. I'm hoping my neighbors will have tomatoes like they usually do so mine can get pollenated. The picture of the fence and brick wall is to show you where the flower bed is. That is a hill behind the wall. Instead of walking to the end of the driveway (should have taken a picture of that for you) I step onto the bottom rail of the fence then step onto the lower wall. Sometimes when I do that I think it just might be easier to walk around - lol.


Valerie said...

Mmmm corn! I'm not brave enough to try growing corn but I can hardly wait until it's warm enough to plant my tomatoes!

joybear said...

Beautiful shots!!! Hope the corn does well!!

Leah said...

cool flowers and KEEP THE CORN VERY CLOSE TOGETHER OR YOU WILL GET CORN cobs with a few kernels!! yep from experience!! LOL