Thursday, April 26, 2007

Empty Pots

J asked if I would grow cucumbers this year. A co-worker suggested using a large pot since I don’t have space for a garden (not even one plant). I found these 2 pots at Big Lots for $5 eachJ. I also got dirt for a great price too. As I was trying to decide where to put them I remembered a plan I had, so they are sitting where my butterfly bush used to be. I got tired of it a couple of years ago. It is way too big for the spot. I didn’t know it would grow so big when I planted it there. I have to cut it back each year and it doesn’t bloom well because of that, so I cut it down last night. I plan to have J chop up the root with a hatchet this weekend. He loves doing that – lol. I think I’ll plant irises in the spot next summer and maybe some pansies over the winter

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